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Remote access to the library's electronic resources

The library carefully selects and buys high-quality resources for the ENAC community. These documents are not free, which is why you have to sign in as an ENAC member to have access to them.

1- On Archipel

Archipel enables you to research among our online resources. You can search either by topic, title or author among all of the online documents offered by your library.

2- On our online portal

In our information messages as well as in our "Ressources électroniques" webpage (in french).

3- On Google Scholar

To display the link Obtenir via ENAC (Get via ENAC) in your search results pages, modify the Google Scholar settings:

  1. Click on “Library links”
  2. Type “ENAC” and enter
  3. Select “Ecole d'Aviation Civile - Obtenir via ENAC”
  4. Save the new settings

The links to ENAC subscriptions now appears in your results list as “Obtenir via ENAC”.

What does the sign-in page look like ?

When you follow our links, you will see this webpage. You will have to sign in:

  • if you are a student use your usual ENAC username (the same as for Aurion or E-Campus)
  • if you are a staff member use your Angelique username (use your account if need be)

What about after signing in ?

Once you have signed in, you will automatically be redirected towards the chosen resource.

Need help ?

You can contact us if you need help or if you notice any error:

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