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Remote access to the library's electronic resources

The library carefully selects and buys high-quality resources for the ENAC community. These documents are not free, which is why you have to sign in as an ENAC member to have access to them.

1- On Archipel

Archipel enables you to research among our online resources. You can search either by topic, title or author among all of the online documents offered by your library.

Sign in to your Archipel account to get access to our online catalog including remote access to full text.

2- On our online portal

In our information messages as well as in our "Ressources électroniques" webpage (in french).

3- On Google Scholar

To display the link Obtenir via ENAC (Get via ENAC) in your search results pages, modify the Google Scholar settings:

  1. Click on “Library links”
  2. Type “ENAC” and enter
  3. Select “Ecole d'Aviation Civile - Obtenir via ENAC”
  4. Save the new settings

The links to ENAC subscriptions now appears in your results list as “Obtenir via ENAC”.

What does the sign-in page look like ?

When you follow our links, you will see this webpage.

Use your usual ENAC username.

What about after signing in ?

Once you have signed in, you will automatically be redirected towards the chosen resource.

Need help ?

You can contact us if you need help or if you notice any error:

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