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Aviation - Recent acquisitions

In this section, you can have an overview of the recent acquisitions of the library related to the aviation field. You can click on each title to see on Archipel either the description or its localization in order to borrow it. You can also request to set the resource aside if currently on loan. If you have a suggestion of purchase, feel free to contact Liza Moisand, who is the dedicated librarian for such requests :

Aviation safety

Air transport

Gross, Jean-Louis (1957-....). Raid Latécoère-aéropostale : carnet de route les Impliqués éditeur.
Navarro, Vivi (1962-....). Aéropostale : de Saint-Louis du Sénégal au Cap Juby Magellan & Cie. 2019
Jennions, Ian K. (19..). The world of civil aerospace .
Budd, Lucy. Aviation law and regulation . 1 Routledge. 2020
Budd, Lucy. Aviation planning and operations . 2 Routledge. 2020
Budd, Lucy. Aviation business strategy . 3 Routledge. 2020
Budd, Lucy. Aviation performance and productivity . 4 Routledge. 2020
Budd, Lucy. Aviation social and economic impacts . 5 Routledge. 2020
Budd, Lucy. Aviation design and innovation . 6 Routledge. 2020
. Airline efficiency Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.. 2016
Cullinane, Kevin. Airline economics in Europe Emerald publishing limited. 2019
Fu, Xiaowen. Airline economics in Asia Emerald publishing limited. 2019
Guzhva, Vitaly S.. Aircraft leasing and financing : tools for success in internatinal aircraft acquisition and management Elsevier. 2019
Kucuk Yilmaz, Ayse; Flouris, Triant G. . Values, Ergonomics and Risk Management in Aviation Business Strategy Springer . 2019
Ricover, Andy; Delmon, Jeffrey . A Decision-Makers Guide to Public Private Partnerships in Airports CRC Press. 2019
Sallan, José M.. Air route networks through complex networks theory .
Schosser, Maximilian. Big data to improve strategic network planning in airlines Springer gabler. 2020
Gelhausen, Marc C.. Airport capacity constraints and strategies for migration : a global perspective Academic press Elsevier. 2019
Graham, Anne. Managing Airports : An International Perspective: An International Perspective - 5th edition Taylor & Francis : Routledge . 2018
Abdelghany, Ahmed; Abdelghany, Khaled. Airline Network Planning and Scheduling John Wiley & Sons. 2018
. Le fret aérien pratique 2019 : [une publication de l'Antenne] SMECI. 2019
Zeimpekis, Vasileios; Aktas, Emel; . Sustainable Freight Transport : Theory, Models, and Case Studies: Theory, Models, and Case Studies Springer . 2018

Aviation medecine

Aviation history

Aviation and environment


Flying skills


Design, test and maintenance of aircraft


Airport - Air traffic management system

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