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Bookcrossing and Book boxes on ENAC campus

What is bookcrossing?

BookCrossing is an initiative by and for reading enthusiasts around the world. Books are left in the wild so that other people can use them. The idea was born in March 2001. For bibliophages, BookCrossing irresistibly mixes a taste for adventure and the attraction for disinterested literature. It works as a free and borderless book club. What strikes the BookCrosser is the very experience of abandoning the book.

May I leave my own books ?

Of course ! Don't you have books that have been abandoned for too long in your library ? Perhaps you keep some in a box in the attic or in the cellar ? What are you waiting for ?


7 book boxes are scattered all over the ENAC. The attached map shows their location. Participate in bookcrossing, abandon books and take those that are already in the boxes. Share your readings with those around you. There will always be a book that suits you there !

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