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Database of both national and international press, gives an access to press articles of more than 14000 information sources (regional, national, international, conventional and specialized press,…).


Check press articles of known sources in full textl and in PDF, in french as well as in foreign languages (english, spanish, italian…):

  • Le Monde (archives since 1944) and more : Universities and top schools, Files and Documents, M the magazine of the Monde
  • Les Échos
  • Courrier International
  • L'Equipe
  • L'Usine nouvelle…

Guide of use


This resource is available remotely.

  • From whatever conncetion using our remote access to library’s electronic resources.
  • If you use the VPN of ENAC or MyRemote.

Find and get an access to resources ofEuropresse from our catalog.

  • Archipel enables you to make a research among our online resources whatever its platform or publication.

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