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OAG Schedules Analyser Database – restricted access to Enac

This air travel database is the most complete in the world. The access is strictly reserved to ENAC members.

To obtain an access, please send your request to :


The OAG Schedules Analyser database provides access to airline schedules and aviation analysis tools. The database contains data on flight status and allows to obtain :

- Historical and future flight schedules for more than 900 airlines, including 115 low-cost carriers and more than 4,000 airports.

- Information on flight scheduling, flight status with daily updates and post-flight analysis including punctuality (35 million flight status per day).

Period covered: 10 rolling years (Important: over a period of 2011-2021, data for the 11th year are not preserved.


The database is not directly accessible to users.

Only ENAC members with an e-mail address can access in the database (Important: access limited to one user at a time).

ENAC members have to respect the policy of confidentiality of access and the intellectual property of the data put online.

User guide

Need help ?

Contact us if you need some help or if you notice an anomaly :

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