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Over 35 000 e-books in engineer science, economy and management, humanities. Those documents are mostly in french.


Online reading only

Creating a personal account allows for:

  • Online access from any internet connexion.
  • Create personal files with your favorite documents.
  • Access to sharing tools linked to 2.0 web.
  • The possibility to take notes and highlight.
  • The possibility to print within the boundaries of private copy rights.

Teachers can create class shelves to share with students.



This document is available remotely.

  • From any connexion using our remote access to electronic library resources.
  • If you are using ENAC's VPN or MyRemote.

Find and access ScholarVox ebooks from our catalog.

  • Archipel allows you to search our online library regardless of its publication platform.

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Contact us if you need some help or notice an anomaly :

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