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Air transport : safety

Safety and security : what's the difference ?

Safety is related to the safeguarding of people, freight, installations and material against malevolent acts.

Security is about making sure rules on aircraft and infrastructures are well observed by the staff in charge.

Main reference

  • ICAO 17th Annex


In library

  • Air et cosmos
  • Aviation security
  • Aviation et sécurité internationales
  • Civil aviation magazine
  • Transport actualités


  • Air safety
  • Checked baggage filtering
  • Hand baggage filtering
  • Human factors(unruly passengers)
  • Terrorism
  • State agents' roles : GTA and PAF
  • Airport manager's role
  • Body scanners


  • RAND Corporation Research and analysis in the areas of national security, international affairs, terrorism, science and technology.
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