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-======ENAC library====== 
-|{{::​21.jpg?​direct&​200}}| Search and find **scientific,​ management and technical** information with Archipel, our search engine referencing all information acquired by ENAC for our students, teachers and researchers. | 
-|  {{ :​archipel.jpg?​100|}}|<​html>​ 
-<meta http-equiv="​Content-Type"​ content="​text/​html;​ charset=UTF-8">​ 
-<!-- Script that converts the query string into valid parameter --> 
-<script type="​text/​javascript">​ 
-function searchPrimo() { 
-document.getElementById("​primoQuery"​).value = "​any,​contains,"​ + document.getElementById("​primoQueryTemp"​).value.replace(/​[,​]/​g,​ " "); 
-<form id="​simple"​ name="​searchForm"​ method="​get"​ target="​_self"​ action="​https://​archipel-univtoulouse.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/​primo-explore/​search"​ enctype="​application/​x-www-form-urlencoded;​ charset=utf-8"​ onsubmit="​searchPrimo()">​ 
-<!-- Customizable Parameters --> 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​institution"​ value="​33ENAC"/>​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​vid"​ value="​33ENAC_VU1"/>​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​tab"​ value="​default_tab"/>​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​search_scope"​ value="​default_scope"/>​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​mode"​ value="​Basic"/>​ 
-<!-- Fixed parameters --> 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​displayMode"​ value="​full">​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​bulkSize"​ value="​10">​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​highlight"​ value="​true">​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​dum"​ value="​true">​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​query"​ id="​primoQuery">​ 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​displayField"​ value="​all">​ 
-<!-- Enable this if "​Expand My Results"​ is enabled by default in Views Wizard --> 
-<input type="​hidden"​ name="​pcAvailabiltyMode"​ value="​true">​ 
-<input type="​text"​ id="​primoQueryTemp"​ value=""​ size="​35">​ 
-<!-- Search Button --> 
-<input id="​go"​ title="​Search"​ onclick="​searchPrimo()"​ type="​button"​ value=" ​  ​Search our resources ​ " alt="​Search"​ style="​height:​ 22px; font-size: 12px; font-weight:​ bold; background: #009fe3; color: #ffffff; border: 1px solid;">​ 
-|  //**Remote access**// |[[:​ezproxy|Get more info]]| 
-====== Contact us!======= 
-  * For document requests : [[mailto:​peb@enac.fr]] 
-  * For help on information search : [[mailto:​bibliotheque@enac.fr]] 
-======Latest news====== 
-===== Currently on trial...===== 
-Learning English or French as a foreign language with MyCow 
-  * [[https://​www.mycow-en-francais.eu/​|MyCow French for Foreigners ]] 
-  * [[https://​www.mycow.eu/​|MyCow anglais]] 
-===== We will be closed on ===== 
-  * April 8th morning. Reopening at 12h30 until 19h30 
-  * May 2-3 all day 
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